VEC was a Canadian home video company.They are known as one of the pioneers in Canada's home video industry.

Background Edit

VEC's first releases appeared on the market in 1982. Nothing is known about their history or owners; the company did not print their location on their video boxes. Despite claiming that their releases were manufactured 'under license from the copyright holders,' many VEC releases were not licensed. The company closed in 1986.

VEC mostly targeted video stores as their customers, as video tapes were still too expensive for most people to buy. As a result, VEC tapes are difficult to find in good condition and are sought after by collectors.

Later Releases Edit

After the closing of VEC in 1986, an unknown company continued to release tapes from the VEC library. These tapes did not have the usual front label - instead, they had a generic side label with the name of the film printed on it. The identity of this company is not known, however, they may have been associated with Montevideo Entertainment