Simitar Entertainment was a media company that sold music, videos, DVDs and computer software. 


Simitar was founded in 1980 by Mickey Elfenbien and Philip Kives, who were the CEO and founder of K-Tel, respectively. They bought out Pickwick Records and began releasing music. Eventually, they became one of the leading names in budget VHS. They also released many tapes of sports footage, and spun off Simitar Motorsports Video for this purpose. In 1997, they became the first indepent film producer to release their films on DVD.


In 1999, Simitar was sued by the World Wrestling Federation over the release of WWF - The Music, Vol. 3. The WWF won the case, and Simitar filed for bankruptcy and folded the following year. Simitar auctioned off its movie library, which was purchased by BCI. BCI then started a DVD division and re-released most of Simitar's library, before they were bought out by Navarre Corporation.