Saturn Productions was an American home video distributor, active between 1985 and 2001. They are best known for releasing imported martial arts films on VHS.

History Edit

Saturn Productions was founded in 1985, releasing mostly Chinese martial arts films and Italian giallos. Their tapes were released in big boxes, and were commonly found in video stores. Throughout the 1980s, Saturn began releasing a wider variety of films, including adventure and family films. By 1988, Saturn had been purchased by Video Treasures.

Video Treasures re-released some of Saturn's martial arts films as double features, but before long became involved in a series of takeovers and company shutdowns, which ultimately ended with Video Treasures being closed and their library sold to Anchor Bay Entertainment in 1995. Anchor Bay was not interested in releasing any of Saturn's films, so many of the films were not released again.

In 2000, Saturn Productions resurfaced as an independent video company owned by John Matarazzo, and began re-releasing some of their original releases on DVD. However, this venture was short-lived. The new Saturn Productions closed in mid-2001, shortly after releasing their only original production, The Greatest Fights of Martial Arts: Part II (Part 1 did not exist.) Afterward, Matarazzo opened Passion Productions and continued to release films. However, the remaining martial arts movies from Saturn Productions have not been released on DVD.