Salsoul Records is a record label from New York City. It was founded by the Cayre Brothers, who later opened Goodtimes Home Video.

History Edit

Salsoul was founded in 1976 by Joseph, Stanley, and Ken Cayre. The label released a variety of disco and pop albums, including their top seller Christmas Jollies. Around 1980, the Cayre Brothers sold the entire Salsoul catalog to RCA, but remained as executives of the label.

By 1984, the Cayre Brothers left Salsoul to form Goodtimes Home Video. RCA continued selling discs made from Salsoul masters through the 1980s. The label is currently owned by Verse Music Group.

Notable Releases Edit

  • The single Ten Percent, by Walter Gibbons, was the first 12-inch single sold in North America. It was released by Salsoul in 1976.
  • The album Christmas Jollies, released in 1977, was one of Salsoul's biggest sellers for several years. It is considered to be one of the definitive albums of the disco era.