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Platinum Disc Corporation is a DVD and VHS distributor located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 


Platinum was founded in 1995 to release DVDs of public domain films for a cheaper price than other companies. Depsite their name, Platinum also produced VHS tapes, though these are uncommon. In 2002, Platinum acquired PM Entertainment, an independent film studio, from the Harvey Entertainment Group. This allowed Platinum to begin releasing modern films as well as the older movies. In 2005, Platinum merged with Echo Bridge Entertainment to form Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, which would become one of the largest DVD distributors in the country. Echo Bridge continues to use the Platinum brand for some releases.


Platinum currently releases films from The Asylum, Miramax, PM Entertainment and Alliance Atlantis. Platinum's pre-Echo Bridge DVDs are common and can still be found new at some stores and online.

Platinum's PD DVDs are known to be of generally poor quality, as are their VHS tapes. This is because Platinum did not actively seek out good source material, they simply used readily available transfers. Their licensed material, however, uses official prints and is usually of good quality.

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