Ocean Shores Video Ltd. is a home video distributor from Hong Kong. They were known in the 1980s for releasing a number of martial arts films on VHS.


Ocean Shores was founded in 1970. In the 1980s, they began releasing martial arts films on VHS and Beta, including films from Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers. Director Godfrey Ho explained that Heung bought the home video rights to many films before video became popular, and was then able to make a large profit. 
Ocean Shores Seahorse

The seahorse logo of Ocean Shores Video. Despite being a prominent part of their film logo, it did not appear on any packaging.

In 1990, Ocean Shores became the home video division of Win's Entertainment and also began distributing films from the Hong Kong studio BoB and Partners. 

Present DayEdit

Ocean Shores was officially folded into Win's Entertainment in 1990, but still uses the Ocean Shores brand 

outside of China. Ocean Shores is currently active in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The original Ocean Shores Video releases are rare and sought after by collectors.

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