Krypton Force was a British/Australian distributor of anime and public domain cartoons.

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List of ReleasesEdit

Force FiveEdit

The Formators (Starvengers)Edit

These tapes were only released in the UK.

  • The Formators Volume 1: Attack Of The Xelans
  • The Formators Volume 2: The New Starvenger
  • The Formators Volume 3: The Havoc Symbol
  • The Formators Volume 4: Star Energizers
  • The Formators Volume 5: Earths Defence
  • The Formators Volume 6: Joey & The Pup
  • The Formators Volume 7: Birds Of Prey
  • The Formators Volume 8: Omicron Ray
  • The Formators Volume 9: Star Fire
  • The Formators Volume 10: Fear Of Imagination

The Protectors (Gaiking)Edit

  • The Protectors Volume 1: Vital Element
  • The Protectors Volume 2: Yongard The Terrible
  • The Protectors Volume 3: The Great Swamp
  • The Protectors Volume 4: Moon Plane
  • The Protectors Volume 5: The Oriental Empress
  • The Protectors Volume 6: Mysteries

Sci-Bots (Spaceketeers) Edit

  • Sci-Bots Volume 1: Conflict
  • Sci-Bots Volume 2: Strike Back
  • Sci-Bots Volume 3: Battle Of The Flame Dragon
  • Sci-Bots Volume 4: Betrayal
  • Sci-Bots Volume 5: Death Valley
  • Sci-Bots Volume 6: Love And Treasure
  • Sci-Bots Volume 7: Zalo
  • Sci-Bots Volume 8: Evil Catyla
  • Sci-Bots Volume 9: Surrender By Force
  • Sci-Bots Volume 10: Snark & The Diamonds
  • Sci-Bots Volume 11: Star Point Tantar
  • Sci-Bots Volume 12: Crystal & The Space Bees
  • Sci-Bots Volume 13: Dector the Betrayer

Mission Promote (Danguard Ace) Edit

These tapes were only released in Australia, although Volume 1 was released in the UK.

  • Mission Promote Volume 1: Mask
  • Mission Promote Volume 2: Grounded
  • Mission Promote Volume 3: Blackstar
  • Mission Promote Volume 4: Probe

Orion Quest (Grandizer)Edit

  • Orion Quest Volume 1: Triple Triangle
  • Orion Quest Volume 2: Vega
  • Orion Quest Volume 3: Red Moon
  • Orion Quest Volume 4: The Youngest Eclipse
  • Orion Quest Volume 5: Light Energy
  • Orion Quest Volume 6: Meteor Blizzard


These tapes were only released in the UK.

  • Videotoons: Volume One (Tales of the Vienna Woods, The Chemist [Bottles], Jekyll and Hyde [The Impatient Patient], The Wabbit Who Came to Supper)
  • Videotoons: Volume Two (The Rattled Rooster, The Lying Mouse, The Clubarable Bear [The Unbearable Bear], Case of the Missing Hare)
  • Videotoons: Volume Three (Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, Little Black Sambo, Happy Days, Little Lulu [Magical Lulu], Safari Sam, Ice Party, The Headless Horseman, Musical Memories, Felix The Cat [Bold King Cole])
  • Videotoons: Volume Four (Alias Ol' Nic [Alias St. Nick], Porky and Co. [It's an Ill Wind], Little Cheeser, Panda Bears [Under the Spreading Blacksmith Shop])
  • Videotoons: Volume Five (Puss Gets the Boot, The Pups' Christmas, Betty Boob's Penthouse [Betty Boop's Penthouse], The Wee Men)
  • Videotoons: Volume Six (Old Mother Hubbard, Cupid Gets His Man, Jack Frost, Jack and the Beanstalk)

The Adventures of Don QuixoteEdit

These tapes were only released in the UK.

  • The Adventures of Don Quixote: Volume One - Rescue to the Ride
  • The Adventures of Don Quixote: Volume Two - Queen Marlina The Evil
  • The Adventures of Don Quixote: Volume Three - The Monster of Hopeadopeadopel



Opening and Closing sequencesEdit

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