Doug Jones

Company founder Doug Jones in 1990.

International Travel Films is a production company and distributor of travel films, founded in 1977 by Doug Jones. It is located in Los Angeles, California.


ITF released its first film in 1977, though its founder Doug Jones had been making films since 1968. Between 1977 and 2006, Jones and his company produced 10 travel films, in addition to a retrospective on Jones' life released in 2011. 


The original 7 Travelogs, made between 1977 and 1995, were released on VHS. ITF then re-released the series on DVD, and produced two more films in the series in 2004 and 2006. ITF is still in business and Jones is actively producing more films, with the most recent being released in 2011. A full list of their films can be found on their website.