Empire of the Ants is a sci-fi horror film released by American International Pictures in 1977. HGV Video Productions released the film on VHS in 1995, under license from Orion Pictures Corporation. It was one of HGV's last releases.


A heavenly paradise becomes a hellish nightmare when a toxic spill turns harmless ants into gigantic rampaging monster insects.

A ship dumps barrels of toxic waste into the water. One of the barrels washes up on land and begins to leak, attracing ants. Meanwhile, a shady land developer named Marilyn Fryser is taking some of her clients to see some worthless "beachfront property" on a nearby island. The giant ants destroy their boat and chase them throughout the island, killing many of them. Eventually, the survivors manage to kill the ants and find a local island town. There, they discover that the ants are feeding on sugar from their sugar factory, at the behest of the locals. The queen ant has the entire town under control, causing them to ignore the ants. The group kills the ants, burns down the sugar factory and leaves the island via speedboat.


  • Joan Collins - Marilyn Fryser
  • Robert Lansin - Dan Stokely
  • John David Carson - Joe Morrison
  • Albert Salmi - Sheriff Art Kincade
  • Jacqueline Scott - Margaret Ellis
  • Pamela Shoop - Coreen Bradford
  • Robert Pine - Larry Graham

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