Embury Communications was a home video distributor from Toronto, Ontario.


Embury Communications was founded in 1988, and released 30-minute compilations of classic cartoons, never releasing any feature-length films. Embury's tapes were sold in stores, but could also be purchased at a discounted price through their Kid Video Club. All Embury tapes contained a membership card which could be mailed in to join the club. The Kid Video series contained at least 32 tapes, followed by a 6-hour compilation which used only the Embury brand.

In the United States, Embury's tapes were released by Hep Cat Entertainment, later a division of United American Video. The Hep Cat tapes were numbered in a different order, and at least three Embury tapes were never made available by Hep Cat.

Embury was one of the companies that merged in 1989 to form the ABM Group.

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