Digiview Productions was an American home video distributor that produced various public domain DVDs of

The logo could be seen at the start of the DVD releases including Cartoon Craze.

cartoons, films, and a few others.


Digiview was founded in the early 2000s. They released a large amount of public-domain movies and cartoons, which were sold primarily at Wal-Mart stores, as well as dollar stores and European mass merchants.  The quality of their transfers varied greatly from disc to disc - some films were transferred from VHS and showed video defects from the tapes. They also produced titles for the Cartoon Craze series with public domain cartoons from Warner Bros. to Paramount's Famous Studios.

In 2004, Digiview released Animal Farmmade by Halas and Batchelor productions in 1954. Because the film had recieved a Super 8 release in the 1970s, Digiview had assumed that it was in the public domain. In fact, Joy Halas still owned the copyright, and filed a lawsuit against Digiview. Halas won the lawsuit, and Digiview filed for bankruptcy later that year. The Animal Farm DVD was taken off the market and is extremely rare. Digiview's other releases are still available at Wal-Mart and various dollar stores, and used copies can be found at various thrift stores, usually for around $3.


A full list of Digiview's releases can be found on their website.