Car Wars was a series on 9 VHS tapes of vehicle accidents, released by Front Runner between 1987 and 1995. The tapes were sold through TV advertising by K-Tel.

List of TapesEdit

  1. Car Wars
  2. Car Wars 2 (called More Car Wars in the UK)
  3. Car Wars 3
  4. Car Wars 4
  5. Car Wars 5
  6. Car Wars 6
  7. Car Wars 7
  8. Car Wars 8
  9. Car Wars 9
  10. Car Wars: Greatest Hits (UK Only)

The Car Wars tapes were produced by Front Runner, but were distributed by various companies. In Canada and the US, they were sold by K-Tel. Videovision Broadcast International released the series in the United Kingdom, and also produced an 11th tape called Car Wars: Greatest Hits, a compilation of the best moments from the series.

None of the Car Wars tapes contained any fatal accidents, a fact which Front Runner highlighted often.