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The ABM Group was a Canadian home video distributor from Ontario. They were one of Canada's largest video companies in the early 1990s.


The ABM Group was formed in the late 1980s as a merger of several companies, including Embury Communications. They released a large number of public domain films, and later began to license films from sources such as Starmaker Entertainment (Saturday Night Live), Nelvana (Care Bears) and Paragon International (Aliens Next Door.

Around 1994, the ABM Group was purchased by Front Row Entertainment. Front Row and ABM had released much of the same material, but ABM was more popular in Canada. Front Row wanted to expand their market into Canada, and needed to eliminate ABM's established foothold. The ABM Group brand was not used after 1995, and all existing ABM tapes were sold in Front Row boxes 


Throughout their lifespan, the ABM Group was connected with several other companies. ABM re-released tapes from Embury CommunicationsEmbassy 2000, and Kid Flicks; and distributed tapes for Starmaker Entertainment. Also, many other companies used ABM's 'marquee' label design, but with the ABM logo removed, suggesting a possible connection between these companies as well.



The ABM Group